Duchamp Opening Night

It’s Thought That Counts – The Seduction of Duchamp Exhibition, Healdsburg and San Francisco, Ca

Kathryn Arnold
Seduction of Duchamp: A Bay Area Response
Curated by Hanna Regev

The exhibition displays Duchampian strategy itself with a remake of Duchamp’s works (is this readymade curatorship? Lovely idea and based so completely on duchampian concept)– all in one place with a closing based upon an historical event connected with Duchamp’s visit to SF and held a “reenactment of a famous art panel discussion in 1949 with Marcel Duchamp, Frank Lloyd Wright, Clement Greenberg amongst others”. (info from DeWitt Cheng). For me, taking a trip up for the closing did not work out and so I went up to the exhibition in late October on Halloween. The Slaughterhouse is a gallery based in Healdsburg which used to be, as name implies, an actual slaughterhouse.

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